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Industry Associations in New Zealand

Coramandel Marine Farmers Association (CMFA)

Website: N.A.

Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand (CLANZ)

Website: http://www.clanzonline.org/

Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.ctfa.org.nz

Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

Website: http://www.cmka.org.nz

Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.)

Website: http://www.cranes.org.nz

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand

Website: http://www.cbaff.org.nz

Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.cfnz.org.nz

Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ)

Website: http://www.dcanz.com

Dairy Industry Association of New Zealand (DIANZ)

Website: http://www.nzifst.org.nz/divisions/dairy.asp

Design Association of NZ

Website: http://www.danz.co.nz

Dexter Cattle Society New Zealand

Website: http://www.dexter-cattle.co.nz

Diabetes New Zealand

Website: http://www.diabetes.org.nz

Dietitians New Zealand

Website: http://www.dietitians.org.nz

Disabled Surfers Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.disabledsurfers.co.nz

Early Childhood Education Network

Website: http://www.childforum.com

Earth Building Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.earthbuilding.org.nz

Economic Development Agencies New Zealand (EDANZ)

Website: http://www.edanz.org.nz/

Electricity Engineers' Association

Website: http://www.eea.co.nz

Electricity Networks Association

Website: http://www.electricity.org.nz

Embalmers Association

Website: http://www.nzembalmers.org.nz

Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern

Website: http://www.ema.co.nz

Energy Management Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.emanz.org.nz

Environmental Defence Society

Website: http://www.eds.org.nz

Epilepsy New Zealand

Website: http://www.epilepsy.org.nz/

Equestrian Sports New Zealand

Website: http://www.nzequestrian.org.nz/front/front.aspx?ID=713

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

Website: http://www.fairtrade.org.nz

Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Website: http://www.fedfarm.org.nz

Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ Inc. (FIANZ)

Website: http://www.fianz.co.nz

Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies Inc (FNZAS)

Website: http://www.fnzas.org.nz

Federation of New Zealand Ostomy Societies

Website: http://www.ostomy.org.nz

Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand

Website: http://www.rudolfsteinerfederation.org.nz

Fertiliser Association

Website: http://www.fertiliser.org.nz/‎

Fertiliser Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.fertiliser.org.nz

Financial Services Council of New Zealand

Website: http://www.fsc.org.nz

Financial Services Federation New Zealand

Website: http://www.fsf.org.nz

Fire Protection Association Inc. (FPANZ)

Website: http://www.fireprotection.org.nz

Forest Industry Contractors Association

Website: http://www.fica.org.nz

Forest Industry Engineering Association

Website: http://www.fiea.org.nz

Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA)

Website: http://www.ftma.co.nz/

Franchise Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.franchiseassociation.org.nz

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.funeralsnewzealand.co.nz

Galvanizing Association of NZ (GANZ)

Website: http://www.galvanizing.org.nz

Gas Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.ganz.org.nz

Gliding New Zealand

Website: http://www.gliding.co.nz

Green Medicine Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.gmanz.org

Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ)

Website: http://www.thedogs.co.nz

Health Funds Association of New Zealand

Website: http://www.healthfunds.org.nz

Hearing Association New Zealand

Website: http://www.hearing.org.nz

Hearing Association Wellington

Website: http://www.hearwell.co.nz

Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (Inc.)

Website: http://www.hianz.net.nz

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