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What is SEO

SEO means search engine optimization.

It is an organic digital marketing technique.

With the help of advanced SEO skills professionals are able to build and improve rankings of websites in organic results of search engines like Google.

This helps those website get organic clicks or free traffic from Google and other search engines.

SEO is a complete step by step process which uses beginner to advanced skills to get ranking and traffic from search engines.

These are the skills that you are going to learn in this SEO course.

No unrealistic promises and dreams. Very Realistic & Practical goals.

Learn SEO Skills Which Helped Me Build Thousands of Monthly Search Engine Traffic for Market Width

Do you know what are the real expertise in SEO?

Not optimizing your website.

Not getting first page ranking.

It is to rank and get traffic from search engines.

The expertise are to build and maintain rankings so that you keep getting free organic traffic from search engines like Google.

As it is in the long run that your website and content is truly tested.

That means Google trusts your website and your content.

That means searchers love your content.

That means they find your content helpful and useful.

And so Google and search engines keep showing your content higher in search results to new and new users month after month.

This is the expertise of SEO. It is how you help users and search engines trust your website.

This is what you will learn in this course.

This is what the techniques, the insights and the strategies of this complete SEO course help you achieve.

I Ranked My Website And Got Thousands Of Monthly Traffic

I am not talking about millions of traffic here.

But what I achieved is also something which many SEOs dream of and not every consultant or agency delivers it.

152K of clicks

1.96 Million Impressions

7.8 CTR

9.9 Average Search Position

And it was not for a month of two.

These are annual figures. Which means my website kept getting traffic month after month.

That was March 2019 to March 2020.

And I am still getting about 5,000 of monthly traffic.

My site is still ranking.

This is without writing any new content or doing any link building.

The one big factor that made my traffic drop was corona as it affected travel and tourism heavily.

complete seo course for only $95.

Complete SEO Masterclass Training Modules 2024: Beginner to Advanced SEO Practices, Strategies & Tactics

Indexing your Website

The first step to do SEO is to know how to start it and then let Google know all your pages and your website. Know the 7 things you need to start. Learn the ways how to do that completely.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important but often ignored. Incomplete technical optimization may harm your SEO results and rankings. Learn to make a website complete compatible for search & search engines.

Keyword Research

Right keywords give you first page rankings & traffic and this comes only from complete keyword research. Learn find best keywords with 21 tools and how to select best keywords for rankings.

On Page SEO

A complete and best on page SEO optimization can help you gain several search engine ranking positions and give advantage over even stronger websites. Learn the best on page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page is not just linkbuilding, it is more than that. Learn off page and linkbuilding completely. Learn what are backlinks and what is linkbuilding. Learn best off page and linkbuilding techniques.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Learning the advanced techniques, methods and steps to take your SEO to an efficient & effective level. Learn the insights with proven tactics and the strategies to help you get results faster.

Content Writing & Marketing

Learn how to write content for SEO and for ranking. Gain the eyes to look at plain text as search content and be able to see how it is constructed. Most importantly, learn how to make your keywords for rank.

SEO Insights

The insights into SEO are what I learned with experience.

These insights give you new eyes into the techniques of SEO and the search engine optimization itself.

You begin to look at SEO techniques with an improved understanding.

Get the professional perspective to look into the steps and techniques of SEO.

This is the learning as well as understanding which you gain with practice and experience advance you to expertise and improve your SEO.

These insights are expert and advanced SEO which you will learn from this training.

SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are considered the ultimate advanced part of doing search engine optimization.

What are SEO strategies?

One way of defining is this.

SEO strategies are the culmination of three things basically.

Advance learning with improved understanding and gaining insights into how things work.

Strategies are the step by step process or methods which help you improve your SEO and achieve results.

You will learn strategies which I used to help my websites rank and get traffic.

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