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About Market Width

Market Width is a business information website, with a difference. The difference is due to its focus and objective, which is industry associations and industry events. Associations not only represent industries, markets, companies or products, but also their geographic concentration and various geographic markets, they also represent people, professions, hobbies, languages, communities and more. They represent, open up and bring together these groups. So does various events. Exhibitions, conferences, fairs, congress, symposiums, all these bring people and organizations together. They represent markets, industries, product groups. Through these associations and events we will cover various industries across geographies, all over the world.

Market Width offers information on associations and events not only of India but worldover. We started with just a few hundred associations of India. We covered some distance crossing 5,200 International and Indian associations and few hundred events. But the journey has just begun with many many more thousands to cross.

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