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Indian Automobile Industry News June 2015

Kshitiz Thakur  |  July 9, 2015, New Delhi

Automobile domestics sales was up 2.56% in June 2015 after registering a marginal decline of 0.58% in May 2015 according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) released figures. Passenger vehicles, however unlike the previous month, had a decline in sales against while growth in commercial vehicles slowed down. Automobiles production also registered a growth of 3.76% and exports improved with growth of 16.53%.

Indian Passenger Vehicles Production Sales and Exports Statistics June 2015 The decline in passenger vehicles sales was 0.54% in June 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. Apart from the passenger cars which had a 1.53% growth, utility vehicles and vans segments declined by 5.86% and 7.19% respectively. This was very similar to the performance in last month where only passenger vehicles grew while vans and utility vehicles declined, however passenger vehicles growth slowed down in the current month.

Indian Automobile Industry Production Statistics June 2015

Indian Commercial Vehicles Production Sales and Exports Statistics June 2015 Commercial Vehicles growth at just 0.72% against June 2014 came down from 3.95% in May 2015. Medium & High Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs) posted another month of growth with sales rising by 20.74%. Sales of passenger carriers grew by 12.59% and goods carriers sales were up by 22.81%. Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) segment, however, declined by 10.53%, due to 14.02% decline in goods carriers with the passenger carriers growing by just 9.48%.

Indian Automobile Industry Sales Statistics June 2015

Indian Two Wheelers Production Sales and Exports Statistics June 2015 The month saw another decline in three wheelers segment where sales were down by 7.40%. Both passenger carriers and goods carriers declined by 8.48% and 2.03% respectively. Two Wheelers segment pushed for growth in June 2015 with sales rising by 3.55%. Scooters saw good growth of sales at 14.21% while Motorcycles just remained positive with 0.05% sales growth against a 3.04% sales decline in May 2015. Sale of mopeds declined by 2.81% in June 2015.

Indian Three Wheelers Production Sales and Exports Statistics June 2015 Exports of automobile saw 16.53% growth in June 2015 over June 2014. Passenger vehicles exports were down by 21.71% in June 2015, with passenger cars and utility vehicles exports declining by 21.89% and 27.36% and van exports growing at 187.43%. Within commercial vehicles segments the overall exports grew by 25.15%, with both M&HCVs and LCVs rising by 47.25% and 13.58% respectively. Three wheelers and two wheelers both segments saw positive exports growth of 18.06% and 26.77%.

Indian Automobile Industry Exports June 2015

Source: The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)

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