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Indian Ceramics, Granites & Stone Associations

Indian Ceramic Society (ICS)

Indian Ceramic Society (ICS) was formed with purpose of creating a platorm for the promotion of cooperation among the manufacturers of ceramic products and also among the teaching community linked with ceramics industry.

Website: http://www.indianceramicsociety.org/

Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles & Sanitaryware (ICCTAS)

Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles & Sanitaryware (ICCTAS) is Indian national level association committed towards maintaining high standards in the ceramic tiles and sanitaryware industry such as customer orientation, and quality of products and services. It also aims to promote ceramic tiles and sanitaryware benefits and attributes.

Website: http://www.icctas.com

Concrete Tiles Manufacturers Association (CTMA)

Concrete Tiles Manufacturers Association (CTMA) as an association for manufacturers of concrete tiles is involved in the research, marketing and educational activities related to promote the use of concrete tile products.

Website: http://www.concretetile.hypermart.net/

All India Granites & Stone Association (AIGSA)

All India Granites & Stone Association (AIGSA) is an Indian association dedicated to the Ornamental Stone Industries in India that includes marbles, granites, sandstones, limestone, slates and quartzite. The association aims to promote the India stone industry through coordination with the Indian Government, scientific developments of the industry and opening up international markets for exotic Indian stones.

Website: http://www.stonaaigsa.com

Monument Manufacturers Association of India (IMMA)

Monument Manufacturers Association of India (IMMA) is an association for the manufacturers of stone monument and its related products in India. The association strives to improve the interests of the industry serves as a platform for promoting the industry and bringing the members close.

Website: http://www.immaindia.com

Morbi Roofing Tiles Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Indian Council of Sanitaryware Manufacturers (INCOSAMA)

Website: N.A.

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