18 Types of Travel (FUN Kinds of Travelling to Plan in 2023)

Kshitiz Thakur | New Delhi

Are you a traveller or want to start travelling? Are you looking for an interesting, unique or useful way to travel? Look at our 18 ways you can travel in 2023. A new & unique list of fun, useful, and evergreen types to travel activities which you can use to travel in 2023.

18 Types of Travel (FUN Kinds of Travelling to Plan in 2023)

What are the Types of Travel?

Types of travel are the different forms and kinds of travelling we do.

There are reasons to go to travel, different destinations to go to, and different modes of travel.

And also there are various activities we can do while we are travelling or at the destination places.

All these are the basis to distinguish and list out different kinds of travelling.

These are the few (18) types of travel that we are going to list out here.

Types of Travelling to Plan Trips in 2023

We give you 18 types of travel for 2023 and especially going into 2024.

For almost 2 years now we have been coping with and living with the pandemic which started in 2019. This Covid halted almost all types of travelling.

But now we are way past half of 2023 and are witnessing globally that the effect of this pandemic is subsiding. And this is bringing back the travelling activities. With this travellers are again exploring the types of travelling they like and wish to take.

For this these 18 travel types, which you can make, can be a part of your travel plans this year or for 2024.

The 18 Kinds of Travel Activities for 2023 & 2024?

These are 18 travel types which you should not miss in 2023 & 2024 or any time in future while planning travelling or any journey.

What mainly we cover and focus on in this travel useful blog is the 15 types of travel for fun and 3 useful travel types, all to make you have & enjoy some best leisure travel time in 2023 & 2024.

These are also ways to travel suggestions which you can take this year or any time.

But more importantly what we want to do for you through these 18 unique travel ways is to motivate you to create and find your own more such unique and interesting ways to go for travelling.

We also want to make it easy for you to go travelling any time you want by using these 18 travel kinds as the best ready reference.

15 UNIQUE & ENJOYABLE Types of Travel in 2023

  1. On the Road Type of Travel
  2. Summer Travel
  3. Winter Travel
  4. Getting Healthy
  5. Type of travelling to Make a Collection
  6. Take memories is THE Type of Travel
  7. Love travel
  8. Just go some place
  9. Type of Travel while on business trip
  10. (Go to a friend) Take your friend
  11. Be on the Road Travel
  12. Love the Waters is my favorite Type of Travel
  13. Going to settle could be your Travel Types
  14. Take a break is the FUN type of travel
  15. Just Escaping is MY BEST of the Types of Travel

3 USEFUL, LAID BACK & EVERGREEN Travel Types for 2023

  1. Lazy (& do nothing) kind of travel
  2. Let me just sleep travel
  3. I love to read travel types

Who needs these FUN TRAVEL WAYS, why & when

Who needs these types and reasons for travelling

  • Regular travellers
  • Occasional travellers
  • People planning for their travel
  • Those who have a break or holidays coming up
  • People who are yet to go for their first meaningful, fun trip or travel

Why need types of travel

Why do you need these types of travel and specifically these fun and exciting travel types of reasons? When travelling is something we all do then why actually we want to show you types and reasons for which you should go travelling?

You may need to refer to these important and fun types of travel when you plan to go for a travel or are thinking about travelling. You could be two types of travellers.

One, who plans and organizes everything in their travelling right from type of travel you want, to the destinations and the tickets, and all. Our travel reasons and types could help you in planning a great and new way to travel and enjoy.

Second, you prefer to take help of travel agents for everything. So, when you read these ways in which you can go for travelling, including some exciting ways, then you can select one and accordingly find suitable travel packages and ask the agents if they provide such travel packages.

These interesting travel solutions help you create FUN Travel packages for 2023 & 2024

When you need these types and reasons

For the regular and even for many occasional travellers we do not need to tell them when to travel and when you will need these interesting ways of travelling. But for the rest, you can take weekends, long holidays, your offs and any long break which is due to plan a travel.

This is the perfect time to enjoy travelling, unwind yourself, see some new places, have some new experiences.

The other reasons to give you these interesting travel types

These are especially for those who travel BUT often miss the fun part. They travel for different reasons but their travel is not for fun or enjoyment and they miss all the benefits, experience, excitement of travelling.

The other type of people we want to reach are those who have not travelled or taken a exciting and enjoyment filled trip. They are totally missing travelling.

We list out these types of travelling to motivate them to go for travel and take time for it. It actually makes it easy and exciting for them to select one of these exciting travelling types and reasons and never miss travelling and its fun & benefits.


Journey to find reasons to enjoy and have fun in travel

There are so many ways and types in which you can travel. These travel ways are fun. They also bring many benefits from health to enriching awareness, perspective, education & learning and improving many soft skills.

But not every type of travel can give you all or some of the benefits. This then brings us to the few types of travel which are enjoyable, fun, full of experience and health, happiness and life.

When you keep moving then you keep your body and mind healthy and in shape. And with travel you can do that. Creative people take inspiration for new things by going to new and different places. It maintains their creativity and for others, travel can boost creativity and thinking.


But for all this, you first need to look at travel as a wonderful, joyful and enriching way to enjoy, and be happy & healthy. Then find the type of travel as per your nature. This could be a travel which either comforts you or challenges you. This way you will enjoy fully & gain so much from your travel experience.

If you have not yet travelled or are not a traveler as such or probably you are just dreaming to go somewhere but haven't yet gathered much courage to do so, then start as soon as possible. Because of the reason we mentioned in the first paragraph. But more importantly for the reasons why you should travel we are going to give you here, and for all the different types of travel or different occasions you can select to go for a travel or a long planned holiday.

This is exactly what we will discuss and talk about in this blog. We will give you few types of travel to motivate you to travel. Then travel types are those which also become strong reasons to make you go travel and tourism. These are different reasons and types of travel which may also connect with your nature or your needs, and therefore will excite you and drive you to pack your bags now and go travel.

Let us begin with understanding the Importance of Travel

Did you ever looked at travel from this angle?

Travelling is fun, it is rejuvenating and so refreshing. But you know what it gives much more than that? Chance and Change!

A Chance to bring freshness, love, togetherness, retrospection, see and experience more, live and experience life to the fullest, and a new perspective and beginning.

Believe it or not, people have found their love of life, a bright idea or a new beginning while travelling. You never know what you could find or discover on your next trip!

So, if you are ready, we will give you some wonderful reasons to travel and find your moment! Keep reading.

It also brings A Change from daily schedule, dull routine, monotonous life, negativity, and more. And so, everyone should travel, not just at least once, but often and as and when we get an opportunity to do so. And here we look to create some wonderful opportunities to travel.

You know a change of perspective can sometimes change the whole situation and its outcome too. Sometimes all you need is to look at things in a different way. How does that happen? A change of place is definitely one of the powerful actions that can bring a change in perspective. Travel is one such activity which gives you that and much more.

There are times when you feel life got stuck and things are not moving forward, or there are may be too many things wanting your attention to move forward, there were not so positive instances that recently happened with your life, and so on. When you do someplace else, it is not just a change of place, it is complete change of surroundings, although for a short period. But it will have a tremendous positive affect on you, and for a longer period of time. Try it, your thoughts will completely change, for positive and for better. That is one of the strongest reasons why we need to travel often. Life is about moving and not stagnancy.

What makes Travel Important?

One very good reason why travel is so important in our lives is that it is very good for your mental and physical health and well-being. It is like a natural medicine for your body, health, mind, and for positive thinking and also bring about more creativity and clarity in your thoughts. It is a great way to reinvent yourself.

Life is never about stagnancy in any form, life is not about being stuck at one place either physically or mentally. Life is about living to the fullest, is about experiencing more while you can. Life is about living your life to the fullest and finding opportunities in every possible ways to do so.

Travel is always important and beneficial, even if it is like a daily routine work travel. But it can bring many more benefits as mentioned above. These benefits come from when we do travelling purposely and mindfully. Travelling for our own fun, enjoyment, recreation, and to do things which bring all these, is called tourism, and this is when travel becomes all the more important. And this is the most important type of travel.

This is because it is the aspect and purpose of tourism that is important in travel and this provides us with all the benefits and rejuvenation that are so important for our mental and physical health and well being, and to make us live and truly enjoy our lives fully and freely. This is what travel is truly.

There is another aspect and importance of tourism i.e. travelling for tourism purposes. Tourism is a very wide, vast industry and also a very important economic activity. Tourism helps countries in economic growth & development; social growth & progress; employment generation; and in bringing lot socio-economic advantages. Read about the 5 reasons making tourism important.

Reasons and Types

This separates: travel from travelling; and tourism from travelling

We always need a reason to do anything. And how we do it becomes the type, way or method. Same with travel.

But both reasons and types of travel are much more important here. Reasons define and distinguish travelling from the types of travel. Reasons create the types, and also types give you reasons. And then together, the reasons and types of travel add value, happiness, health and all the benefits and importance to travel.

The travelling types we often do

Reasons why people travel often

Travelling is an act. It is an act of moving from one place to another. In that way we keep travelling for various reasons.

There are and will always be reasons we keep travelling. These are not the reasons that make tourism and these are not the reasons that make travelling fun and beneficial. Reasons which are not planned and not intentionally created and decided upon do not make tourism. If travelling is just a means while the reasons and objectives are different then it is not tourism and is not fun and enjoyment.

These are reasons why people travel, usually

Travel for Job, Employment and Career

This is when you travel to a new city or country for a shorter or a longer period of time for your career or studies. It may be a study tour or a study abroad option which you take while you are studying. It could be going for internship or an overseas job placement. You could go to a different country or city while on a job when there is, let us say, a transfer or an assignment or project or may be an offshore client project.

Types of travel for jobs & career

This is when you travel to a new city or country for a shorter or a longer period of time for your career or studies. It may be a study tour or a study abroad option which you take while you are studying. It could be going for internship or an overseas job placement. You could go to a different country or city while on a job when there is, let us say, a transfer or an assignment or project or may be an offshore client project.

Types of travel for jobs & career

  1. Posting in different country
  2. New job in a different country
  3. Shifting career and hence moving to a new country for a new career
  4. Company paid study travel
  5. Self paid study and travelling to a different country

Then there are various types of travelling jobs and careers

  1. Pilots
  2. Flight Attendants
  3. Navy jobs
  4. Travel agents
  5. Social or aid workers like in red cross
  6. Government Foreign services
  7. Marketing consultants
  8. International business executives, consultants
  9. Various freelancers

Travel for Business

Traveling for business is quite common now. Here we mainly include travelling to conduct, market or promote, or for growth of your business. This type could at some place overlap with travelling for job. A business person would travel to different cities or countries for many reasons.

Types of business travel

  1. International Clients or vendor meetings
  2. Marketing or promotion of business and its product or services in countries
  3. Meetings Travel
  4. Travelling to take part in Conferences
  5. Travelling to attend exhibitions
  6. Incentive type of travel
  7. Travelling to exhibit in trade fairs
  8. Travelling to attend trade fairs
  9. Overseas annual general meetings
  10. Corporate Sales meets
  11. Travelling to company's branches or factory locations for smooth functioning or coordination
  12. Market assessment for new business or expansion
  13. Partnership building or networking

Travel for Health

This is what comes under and is called as medical tourism or travel. People often travel to different countries or cities to get different medical treatments. The reasons for medical tourism could be lack of proper facilities in your own country or city, to avail and being able to afford better facilities, go for cost friendly treatments in other countries or cities, etc. This is a growing type of travel and tourism segment.

Types of medical travel tourism

  1. Travel for treatments
  2. Travel for surgeries or operations
  3. Travel for therapy
  4. Travel for transplants
  5. Travel for Alternative Medicine
  6. Wellness travel types

Travel for Family & Friends

Many of us have friends, relatives or family members staying in other cities or countries. And you often find time to meet them or there are always occasions or festivals when a family reunion or friends get together is planned. This then requires travelling to those countries and cities to meet them. This is personal reasons but we may often miss the travel part here.

For example if there is some wedding ceremony in your family after a long time. So when you go there, you are too excited first, for the wedding and second with the thought and opportunity to meet all and so many of your family members, relatives and friends.

In this excitement experiencing the travel will certainly miss a place in your To Do list. And it happens. How are you supposed to take time and even think about travelling and experience the local places when you to attend so many functions, when there are so many people you need to be with and spend time with?

So, what happens is that you do not even realize in all the happiness and excitement and you are even back home from that ceremony still wondering how the days flew by and wishing you would have spent little more time there to be with them for a little longer. Because you know, in our busy lives we forget to make time to actually get out of our hectic schedule and routines and think about travelling.

Types of family travel and tourism

  1. Family vacations
  2. Family group travel
  3. Travel for family functions
  4. Travel for important occasions
  5. Family road trips
  6. Road trips with friends
  7. Short trip or travel with family or friends
  8. Winter or summer vacation tours

Because of what usually happens while travelling for the above mentioned reasons, we all strongly need to find our reasons to travel where we can truly enjoy and benefit from travelling the way we want to. These are our own personal reasons to travel.

Personal reasons and benefits of travelling

All or at least most of the above reasons that make you travel to a different place are not actually reasons to travel. Each of those are some tasks or things which you need to do and for that travelling just becomes a means. Travel is not the actual objective. Except for the reason when it is about family and friends, in which case a reunion or gathering might just be because you want to travel, together.

The personal reasons are the ones where you actually want to travel and travelling or going to a place therefore is for your choice and for your own fulfilment. It is something that you want for yourself. And it would not be wrong here to say that you are selfish and it is perfectly alright to want to be happy, to enjoy, to experience. And you don't have to travel alone only to experience all that.

Personal reasons to travel and choosing to go for travel is something which you need to do more often and the most. The list of types of travel which we are mentioning below are more about giving you some unique personal reasons to make time for travel.

This is why we want to show you the exciting types of travel you should think about.

Travel vs. tourism (Tourism as a type of travel)

Mostly people say travel and tourism and refer to each of the terms as same or synonym. However, there is a difference between the two. As you would have got some hint when we discussed reasons that make us travel above, and those which are not travel oriented reasons. We mentioned here while defining tourism that it is a purposeful travelling.

So, what actually separates tourism from JUST travelling?

Again, reasons and types of travelling is what separates travelling from just travelling. This is what makes travel more meaningful and purposeful and is also therefore referred to as tourism.

There are many types of tourism. These are reasons making people go for tourism. Hence, these are the reasons to travel and also the various general, common and popular types of travel. We mention below some popular types of tourism. These are definitely few reasons and types for travelling. But not all tourism types are purely travel oriented.

THE ENJOYABLE & FUN Tourism Types of Travel

  1. Adventure Tourism – have adventure and fun
  2. Environmental tourism – experience and enjoy the nature
  3. Historical tourism – find and explore the history and fun all along
  4. Health Tourism – Enjoy travel and tourism as you improve your health to have more fun in life
  5. Ethnic Tourism – It is always refreshing, rejuvinating and enjoyment to connect deeply with the place and people you belong with
  6. MICE travel Tourism – MICE travel is becoming more and more fun along with business
  7. Leisure Tourism – It is time just to relax and enjoy your moments
  8. Recreational Tourism – Travel which is meant just to have fun
  9. Culinary Tourism – If you love food & cooking then this is travel type you will love, enjoy & cherish
  10. Cultural Tourism – The travel type to enjoy to the fullest for the one who love culture, diversity & people


The FUN types to travel

The types of travel (and some of tourism) are various ways to experience and enjoy different things which are made possible by travel.

The tourism reasons mentioned above are mostly planned reasons. However, we want to finally bring you and this discussion to those reasons and decisions which we create and make ONLY for travelling and ONLY to enjoy travelling and all the aspects associated with that travel. These are planned reasons which we create and for which we decide to travel for ourselves. These are for our own reasons, for our own benefits and pleasures. These are reasons and objectives which make you travel and not use travel as a means. These are reasons or needs which you fulfill only by travel. These are reasons or types of travel which make you enjoy travelling itself.

From tourism types to REAL & REJUVINATING travel types

This is THE type of travel where you travel for your own pleasure, enlightenment, and also just for the love of travelling.

This is specifically the Leisure type of tourism and recreational type of tourism (mentioned above).

The difference between travelling and travelling for reasons is like the difference between eating all the time and whenever you like vs. eating right food and in the right way and time to fulfill a particular need of your body or to keep your body healthy and fit.

We should find ways to travel for happiness. We could travel to escape to find moments of happiness, enjoyment and to cherish moments of togetherness with our loved ones. That is when we will cherish and enjoy travelling. That is the most important reason as we make a decision to go for travel.

These types of travel are one of the few reasons to make you travel. These are our ways to encourage you to travel by doing three things for you:

Make you aware of and give you ways to use the more common reasons & types of travel.

Add few unique ways or ways, which we often forget in our busy day to day lives, which you can use to add happiness and fun in your lives.

Motivate you to find your own reasons and types of travel.

Find a good reason to travel and select or better create a type of travel which best fits that reason & the need.

15 Types of Travel Not To Miss in 2023

15 FUN travel types which we should do for ourselves

Our purpose of giving you such a unique list of different types (or reasons) to travel is to give you these wonderful reasons why you should travel. We want to first encourage you to find time from you busy schedules for travelling. Secondly, we want to show you that you can always find reasons to make yourself and your loved ones happy and enrich your lives by travelling. More importantly we want to motivate you to find and create your unique reasons for travelling and to make you enjoy more and fully experience and live your precious travel moments.

So, let us just look at all the ways and reasons for which you can travel, let us explore all the wonderful types of travel which you can have, if you have already not been creative in finding those and more.

  1. On the Road Type of Travel

    • This is the type of travel especially for those who love the road and all what comes with it. There are people who love to hit the road in their cars or on their bikes and just go. A long bike ride is more fun and preferred one. The destination here is not that important as the journey is. The travel is often to nearby places but can also be for far off places. It is entirely up to the person how far he or she wants to go and how much they want to enjoy each of their journeys.

  2. Summer Travel

    • This type of travel is about experiencing summers in different places. So you might plan for a travel to somewhere particularly at the time when it is summer at that place. You go to places to experience summer seasons there and could also be to avoid winters at your home place.

  3. Winter Travel

    • Here it could be just the opposite of summers travel. You are in love with the winter season. You love snow, extreme winters and that cold breeze hitting your face. There are places which get filled with snow which you may not experience at your place all the time. So for this you travel to different places. There are various winter sports like skiing, ski jumping, ice skating, snowboarding, etc., for which you would like to travel. Or you just cannot miss the snow covered mountains of some places and you love to explore all of those.

  4. Getting Healthy

    • This would not be just about medical tourism and about getting some treatment. You can choose to go to a quiet and peaceful place to spend some time because your mind and your body needs it. You may choose certain time of each year and go to same or different places. You could go to just be alone with yourself or even take your family and use that time for some meditation or yoga or any other such healthy activity.

  5. Type of travelling to Make a Collection

    • Are you some sort of collector? Do you have a hobby to collect things which represent different places, cultures or history? If yes, then this is the type of travel you take.

  6. Take memories is THE Type of Travel

    • There are people who travel just to enjoy and capture moments. Yes, if you can have it then you may just travel to take pictures of yourself or your family and friends at different places and so you travel to new and sort of unexplored places to take back memories and well to also share with friends and followers on social media.

  7. Love travel

    • Oh yes, you so much in love with travel. Travelling is your passion and derive meaning from it. You want to see place, take new experiences, meet new people. You were born a traveler and that is what you are at the core. May be you have developed that passion of yours into a career too, like there are many people who just travel and then share their experience through their blogs and all. And well, if travel is what you feel you are in love with and you haven't yet explored it fully then let me tell you that you could create that into a career too and live your passion whole your life.

  8. Just go some place

    • Oh yes, you just have to travel and go places from time to time. It's like in your DNA. You cannot be confined to one place for long. Every now and then you need to go somewhere a little far, even if that means doing not much there. It is like your large appetite for travel which you need to satisfy regularly. You would not feel yourself unless you know you recently have been to some place or you have a plan to go to a place or destination.

  9. Type of Travel while on business trip

    • You are often on a business trip or you know that you have a planned trip ahead, and then you plan to take time off your work to go for travelling the local and nearby places. This could be a wonderful way to get back feeling refreshed having completed your work with enthusiasm and are ready for more with double the energy.

  10. (Go to a friend) Take your friend

    • You should do this more often. It could be a great way not just to travel but to strengthen your friendship and the bond between you and your friends. Experiencing new things, new situations together with people you are already close with is a great way to further strengthen your relationship or friendship. You may be surprised to find out a thing or two about your friend or even about yourself in relevance to your relation that you did not know till now.

  11. Be on the Road Travel

    • There are people who love road travel or journeys more than any other means of travelling. Even if it is a long and interconnected journey or travel, it must include a long road trip. May be this gives you a better sense of control and opportunity to enjoy the journey more than your destination. You want to experience all that you come across while you travel. You like to stop every now and then to feel connected with the place, surroundings and people. You want go through towns or villages, talk to people, enjoy local flavor, local food, etc.

  12. Love the Waters is my favorite Type of Travel

    • You love water. You are a human but like a fish. So you either love travel by water or love to do things related to water, travel by water being one of them. You love seas, ocean, rivers, lakes and you may love water sports. So you want to travel to places to experience the things related to water.

  13. Going to settle could be your Travel Types

    • Are you the one who is looking to settle in a new city or new country? Why not take this as an opportunity to travel to different (as many I would say) countries and cities before you finalize to settle down in one. Well, one advantage it will bring is to widen your number of choices and leave you wiser for your final choice.

  14. Take a break is the FUN type of travel

    • Travel is always the best thing to do when you want to take a break from anything. You may be into whatever like studies, job, business, homemaker, or may be in the stage of preparing to be someone from among these or preparing for anything else. Doing something non-stop for a prolonged period of time does affect your performance. It is necessary to take a break from that thing and for a period of time, even brief, not think of your daily tasks. So for these periods when you need a break and you should think of taking it, just go for a short travel trip somewhere. You could go to some place you know, and even better would be to go to a new place, it will be more refreshing.

  15. Just Escaping is MY BEST of the Types of Travel

    • Taking a break from things that we just mentioned above means taking yourself away for a short period of time and coming back to it after that. But there could be times when you just want to escape from something. Not in a negative way of escaping like getting away from your responsibilities or things like that. But often times, things happen which you cannot just avoid or change within a short period of time. They will take their own sweet time to change or improve. So best thing is to take your mind off them. Then there are times when you need to get a little away from people for a brief period for better or for retrospection. Travel could be the best way here.

in many cases, we often travel to enjoy the hospitality. This could be to experience the hospitality of a particular place and its people. The second is to enjoy the facilities, amenities and luxury of the hospitality industry, including the enjoyment of staying in a super luxury hotel, to enjoy its amnbience and meal and other offerings..

3 Useful Types of Travel for 2023

The perfect 3 lazy & laid back types of travel for you

These are few of the special types of travel that we want to suggest. These are the types of travel plans which are best and perhaps only recommended for people like me. Yes! If you are a laid back person and a positively lazy person then these are few unique and perfect travel plans which you can make.

If you are a male or female who desires deeply to often find an escape from this daily fast and chaotic lifestyle to find some quite and alone time, a time only for self then I am sure you will love and enjoy these travel types.

The kinds of travelling for those who need and enjoy alone time, who love to be themselves and cherish quite places.

Take a look at these ways in which you can travel and plan your future journeys around any or all of these types for travelling.

  1. I love (or want) to read travel types

    • The habit of reading a novel or other books is such a good one. People often carry novels with them and use the commute time for reading. People read novels during train journeys, plane journeys, and even local commute journeys. It is a time well spent.

    • But during these types of journeys, which are short, you get interrupted. What if you can just read and do nothing the whole day or evening? Wouldn’t that be just good?

    • Yes! One of the best ways to do this is to plan a travel to a place which may or may not be that far but sure is a place where you can fully enjoy your reading.

    • It does not have to expensive, and in fact it should not be. So, you can always find a nearby or little far off local places with good hotels or place to stay. You may not need excellent or extra comforts or travel attractions like malls, theme parks, etc.

    • In fact, people travel for studies, which is one part. But if you are studying for some popular online course which you can study from anywhere then you can chose to travel to a quite place for few days to complete the course.

    • Digital marketing is perhaps the most popular profession & subject study with many online course. So, if you have chosen to study SEO online and enrolled for a search engine optimization course, then travel to nice and quite place and fast track complete the course.

    • So, here travel can be very useful for your studies and can serve as a very important platform for building up your successful career and fast too.

  2. Lazy (& do nothing) kind of travel

    • Quite the opposite of the above type. But please don’t get me wrong here. You are very much active in whatever work or home responsibilities you have and diligently carry them too. But you are still a laid back person. Like me you also want to find some time when you just want to sit somewhere quietly. In fact you are a person who can sit for hours and do nothing but enjoy it.

    • If you are someone who is retired and is not working or on a sabbatical then this is the perfect time for you to take and enjoy this type of travel.

    • All you need to do is search for a place that is quite. These are the places which are often less visited. All the popular tourist destinations will still have the hustles and noise.

    • Basically you are not looking for a popular tourist place. What you need is a place that is less travelled, is far off the cities.

  3. Let me just sleep travel kind of travel

We are now half way into the year 2023. This year has changed and affected many things including the economies, growth, health and travel. The coronavirus virus which is spreading so fast and all countries are trying their best to contain it.

Now half way across this year 2023, many countries are looking to re-start travel and they are doing it in a unique way. This is called & defined as travel bubble. This is the new type of travel which is forced upon us in 2023.

How ways of travelling tells about the types of travelers

The types of travel we have covered above are few of the important, interesting, fun and also cover some unique types and ways of travelling. These above ways of travelling are not just the fun travel type.

The above travel types and ways also are few of the ways to look into the types of travelers there are. Often we can tell which type of traveler a person is by the type of travelling which he or she prefers.

Travelling and its ways, types which means how a person prefers to travel and which types of travelling a person usually selects and goes for is a way to identify personality of travelers and know few things about them.

So, here we list type of travelers including both common traveler types and also some interesting and few of our own created & unique types of travelers. These are and can be those travelers for whom our 15 types of fun travel may be best way to go travelling.

Types of travelers for our travel types

  1. Road to travel

    • There are few types of travelers who always or mostly prefer a road travel. This includes travelers who prefer short one or two day drive or ride trips where they would go on their bikes and cars to some place. These travelers enjoy the journey. This keeps them closer to the places they travel through. They want to enjoy the places, the journey the travel experience.

    • These travelers mostly are:

      1. Bike travelers
      2. Car travelers
      3. Weekend travelers
      4. Travelers who prefer short trips
      5. Nature lovers
  2. Travel by seasons

    • People also travel specifically in various seasons like winters or summers. They travel to experience and enjoy seasons, surroundings, places and nature. They want to explore and experience places in particular seasons.

    • These travelers mostly are:

      1. Nature lovers
      2. Season lovers
      3. Enthusiastic travelers
      4. Explorer travelers
      5. Planned travelers
  3. Take memories travel

    • There are people who may not particularly love travelling but love the experience that it brings. They travel to build memories, to create and enjoy memorable time for themselves. This can more often be a travel with a loved one, family or friends.

    • They often may take important occasions in their lives or in the lives of their loved ones and take travel as the way to fully enjoy that time or date and make it more memorable.

    • These travelers mostly are:

      1. Occasion travelers
      2. Family travelers
      3. Love travelers

12 types of travelers we have talked about

  1. Bike travelers
  2. Car travelers
  3. Weekend travelers
  4. Travelers who prefer short trips
  5. Nature lovers
  6. Season lovers
  7. Enthusiastic travelers
  8. Explorer travelers
  9. Planned travelers
  10. Occasion travelers
  11. Family travelers
  12. Love travelers

So, if you are one of these 12 types of travelers then you can now plan your next travel trip NOW! If you looking to forward to your next travel trip then you can take one of our 18 travel types for fun and just go travelling, NOW!

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