Looking for a Traveling Job

Kshitij Thakur   |  February 18, 2015, New Delhi

So, you love to travel. Travel to various countries and cities, visit places. You love to meet people, and may be make new friends. You are a traveler who just loves to be on the go every time, ok at least most of the times. And you are looking forward to traveling. But then you have to earn as well, you need to have a career, yes? Or maybe you are already working and then you do not find the time to travel. You are killing your zeal to travel, and have to work. Perhaps, the thought of having a decent job and still keep up with your traveling must have crossed your mind sometimes or may be all the time. Must have thought about how to travel as well earn money. There is a better way, building your career around traveling, and be happy!

If you have just started your career or even if you have advanced in your career, you can change your job. The first profile that comes to mind is marketing. Of course, but it has to be with an MNC or an international company that has its business spread beyond one country. But there are plenty of other jobs in corporate sector that involve traveling. The other way of involve traveling in your present job is to take up a job in a new city, whenever you decide to make a switch. And yes, in an international organization, traveling opportunities do arise, from time to time, after some time, and when you are promoted or transferred to a new branch.

But then, there are jobs which have travel as an integral part of it. Let us discuss a few here. A career as a business, management or financial or even IT consultant can have a lot of traveling scope. These basically advice other companies on business, management or financial matters and depending upon the clientele of your company, you can have lots of traveling opportunities. Same goes for chartered accountants and auditors, who have to travel extensively if they are working with a reputed company. Then marketing and sales requires travel, as you will have to regularly meet with your clients in different cities and countries.

Being in media or public relations could also involve traveling. A degree in international business will surely have you go places during your career. Covering news, topics and subjects in media which have regional or international coverage will also come with traveling to different places. If you have interest for journalism then you can always look to choose such subjects and garner expertise. You can even write or about these subjects for media and for so many websites covering such subjects. You can write about consumers' trends; sports; people around the world; international issues and even politics; and many other such subjects. If you have a passion or interest in photography, then it could be a great skill to add to writing or even to take it separately, as there are so many photo blogs and websites around the world.

There are plenty of job and career options that can be built and carved around traveling, if that is your passion. All that is required is to search extensively, look around, consult a few in the industry and may be develop a second skill that will make the entry or transition into such kind of profession or job a little easier and more rewarding.