International Associations

More than 2700 International industry associations covered. The International Associations are primarily segregated into three segments:

Global Associations: Associations with their operations and membership base globally/internationally;

International Geo-Political Group: Associations with their operations and membership base covering various geographic, political and economic regions e.g. Asia, Europe, United Nations, etc.; and

Country: Covering various industry, professional and other associations within a country.

There are 300 global associations; 450 associations operating across international regions having 300 association for North America region, 100 European associations, and 50 Asian associations; and 1994 country-wise associations across 14 countries namely the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Finland, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritius, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Country-wise Associations

Global Associations

International Regions Associations