Associations in India

We list a large number of associations that operate in or are present in India. We have created an exhaustive list of more than 2,500 Indian associations that cover and cater to trade and industries; professions and professional fields; products and manufacturers; services and services providers; communities and social causes; and more. These include associations, bodies, societies, etc.

We provide a very exhaustive (and probably the largest in India, that is available freely for everyone) list of associations. Also, we have categorized these into other sub segments and lists to make it easy for viewers to find what they are looking for.

We cover these associations in two main categories. One, associations that operate at national level. Such bodies operate at all India level with members across the country, and are categorized as Indian National Level Associations. Second, are those with operations covering different individual states. We list these bodies under our Indian State Level Associations.

Indian National Level Associations List

The Indian national level industry list inclue associations with India level operations. We have created a database of around 1,102 such associations or organizations. The list spreads across around 53 industries that range from Agriculture, Farming, Academics, Forest to Engineering, Hotels, Services, Professionals, Medical, Transport and Tourism. Our all India level associations section thus comprises trade bodies, societies, federations, cooperatives, clubs, and more.

Indian State Level Associations List

Our Indian state level Industry associations section covers a list of about 1,432 associations and other types of bodies and organizations covering all different states and various cities of India. These state level database of associations not only covers various state bodies but also state-wise regional chapters of the Indian National associations, and also associations that cover various geographical regions such Northern, Southern, Center India and more.

We have categorized our state-wise list on basis of regions so that each segment not only covers the states but also bodies covering that entire region. Our state categories are Union Territories, Northern India, Southern India, Central India, Eastern India, North-Eastern India, and Western India.

List of Associations in Indian Union Territories

List of Associations in Northern India

List of Associations of Southern India

List of Associations in Central India

List of Associations of Eastern India

List of Associations in North-Eastern India

List of Associations of Western India

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