Tamil Nadu State Level Associations

Tamil Nadu Fireworks & Manufactures' Associations (TAFMA)

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers' Association (TANFAMA)

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Narrow Tape Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Building Technocrats Association

Website: http://www.btakumbakonam.com/

Madurai Ramnad District Cement Dealers Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu State Cement Stockists Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd (TCMPF)

Website: http://www.aavinmilk.com/

Madurai Dairy - District Cooperative Milk Producers Union

Website: http://www.aavinmilk.com/madurai/aboutus.htm

Tamil Nadu Cooperative Sugar Federation Ltd.

Website: http://www.tncsf.net.in/

Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Lawyers (TNFWL)

Website: http://www.tnfwl.com

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Trades Association South India (RATA SI) Chennai

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Power Table Owners Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA)

Website: http://www.teda.in

Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Association (TNSEA)

Website: http://www.tnsea.in/

TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) Engineers Association

Website: http://tnebengineers.in/

TNEB Engineers' Sangam

Website: http://tnebes.org/

Association Of Civil Engineers Madurai

Website: http://www.acemadurai.com

Civil Engineering Association (CEA)

Website: http://www.ceaiitm.org

Chennai Civil Engineers Association

Website: http://www.checea.com

Coimbatore Civil Engineers Association (COCENA)

Website: http://www.cocena.org

Salem Civil Engineers Association

Website: http://www.sceatn.org

Mining Engineers' Association of India (MEAI), Tamil Nadu

Website: N.A.

South Indian Sugar Mills Association-Tamil Nadu

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Food Grains Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

Chennai Timber & Plywood Merchants' Association

Website: http://edotsindia.net/associates/

Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Website: http://www.madraschamber.com/

Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore

Website: N.A.

Rajapalayam Chamber of Commerce & Industries

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Website: N.A.

Tuticorin Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Website: N.A.

Federation of Madras Merchants & Manufactures Associations

Website: http://www.fmmmachennai.com/

Coimbatore District Small Industries Association

Website: http://www.codissia.com

Hosur Small and Tiny Industries Association

Website: http://www.hostiahosur.org

Madurai District Tiny & Small Scale Industries Association (MADITSSIA)

Website: http://www.maditssia.com

Tamil Nadu Small & Tiny Industries Association (TANSTIA)

Website: http://www.tanstia.org.in

Thoothukudi Dist. Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association

Website: http://www.thuditssia.com

BHEL Small And Medium Industries Association (BHELSIA)

Website: http://www.bhelsia.in

Chennai District Small Scale Industries Association (CDISSIA)

Website: http://www.cdissia.tripod.com

Hosur Industries Association

Website: http://www.hia.org.in

All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers (AIACEGEO), Chennai

Website: http://cengochennai.com/home2.html

Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Consumer Product Distributors Association

Website: http://www.tncpsa.in

Federation of South Indian Producer Associations (SIPA)

Website: http://www.sipa.in

Tamil Nadu Handloom Industry and Trade Association

Website: N.A.

South Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association (SIHRA),Chennai

Website: N.A.

Industrial Waste Management Association - Chennai

Website: http://www.iwma.in

Confederation of IT Associations (CONFED - ITA)

Website: http://www.confedita.org

Erode District Information Technology Association (EdITA)

Website: http://www.edita.co.in

Information Technology Traders Association - Puducherry (ITTA-P)

Website: http://www.ittapondicherry.org

Karur Information Technology Association (KITA)

Website: http://www.karurita.com

Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA)

Website: http://www.tita.in

Vellore Association for Information Technology (VAIT)

Website: http://www.vait.in

Coimbatore Information Technology Association (CITA)

Website: N.A.

Computer and Media Society (CAMS),

Website: N.A.

Kanithamizh Sangam - Software professionals associations of Tamil Nadu

Website: N.A.

Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers' Association, Tamil Nadu

Website: N.A.

Madurai Electrical & Machinery Dealers Association

Website: N.A.

Indian Medical Association - Tamil Nadu branch

Website: http://www.imatn.com

Nagercoil Obstetric and Gynaecological Society (NOGS)

Website: http://www.nagercoilogsociety.com

Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore Branch

Website: http://www.coimbatoreima.com/

Tamil Nadu Stainless Steel Merchants & Manufacturers Association (TSMMA)

Website: N.A.

Electroplaters & Metal Finishers Association Of Tamil Nadu

Website: N.A.

Madras Piece Goods Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

North East Timing Organization (N.E.T.O.)

Website: http://www.neto-nostalgia.com

Tamil Nadu Union of Journalist

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufactures Association (TPMA)

Website: N.A.

Madras Printers & Lithographers Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Screen Printing Association

Website: N.A.

Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) AFST(I), Chennai Chapter

Website: N.A.

Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) AFST(I), Erode Chapter

Website: N.A.

Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) AFST(I), Kanchipuram Chapter

Website: N.A.

Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) AFST(I), Pondicherry Chapter

Website: N.A.

Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) AFST(I), Thanjavur Chapter

Website: N.A.

Builders Association of India, Coimbatore Centre

Website: http://www.baicbe.org

Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association (AIEMA)

Website: http://www.aiema.net

Chennai Real Estate Agents Association (CREAA)

Website: http://www.creaa.in

Tamil Nadu Real Estate Association

Website: http://www.tamilnadurealestate.org

Madras Electric Trades Association

Website: http://www.metachennai.com/

Tirupur Bleachers Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Collar Stitching Section Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Dyers Association

Website: N.A.

Assam Association, Chennai

Website: http://www.assamassociationchennai.blogspot.com

Tamil Nadu State Chess Association

Website: http://www.tamilchess.com

Tamil Nadu Cricket Association

Website: http://www.tnca.in

Tamil Nadu Football Association (TNFA)

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Tennis Association

Website: http://www.tn-tennis.com/

Banian Cloth Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Cotton Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

Computer Embroidery Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Hoisery Yarn Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

South India Hosiery Manufacturers Association (SIHMA), Tirupur

Website: N.A.

Indian Hosiery Yarn Mill Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Export Knitwear Manufacturers Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Powerloom Association

Website: N.A.

Coimbatore Dist. Powerloom Cloth Dealer Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Leather Tanners Exporters and Importers Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Textile Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Exporter's Association (TEA)

Website: http://www.tea-india.org

Tirupur Exporters Association

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Merchants Association

Website: N.A.

Chennai Goods Transports Association (CGTA)

Website: http://www.cgta.org.in

Association for Computer Traders Trichy (ACT-T)

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Lorry Owners Association

Website: N.A.

Coonoor Tea Trade Association (CTTA)

Website: http://www.ctta-nilgiris.com

Tirupur Export Knit Printers Association (TEKPA)

Website: http://www.screenprinttekpa.com/

Tirupur Kaja Button Owners Association

Website: N.A.

Ambattur Electroplaters Association, Chennai

Website: N.A.

Tirupur Steam Calendering Association

Website: N.A.

Tamil Nadu Digital Printing Association

Website: http://tndigitalprintingassociation.com/

Bidass Industrial Servises Association

Website: http://www.bidass.in

Coimbatore Jewellers Association

Website: http://www.cja.org.in

Coimbatore Association of Realtors (COAREA)

Website: http://www.coarea.in/

Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA)

Website: http://www.coindia.in/

Hosur Industrial Association

Website: http://www.hia.org.in

Madras Library Association

Website: http://www.mala.managedbiz.com

Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association (MJDMA)

Website: http://www.mjdma.org/aboutus.php

Madras Management Association (MMA)

Website: http://www.mmachennai.org

Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association

Website: http://www.tasma.in

Bengali Association Coimbatore

Website: http://www.tbacbe.com

Trichy District Printers Association

Website: http://www.tdpa.in

Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers Association (TECA)

Website: http://www.tecaonline.org/aboutteca.php

Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association

Website: http://www.tnoa.info

Tamil Nadu Sailing Association

Website: http://www.tnsa.in

Coimbatore District Electroplaters' Association

Website: N.A.

Institute of Indian Foundrymen Chennai chapter

Website: N.A.

Sivakasi Master Printers Association

Website: N.A.

Tiruchy District Tennis Association

Website: N.A.

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