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Global Industry Associations

AFCOM - Association for Data Center Professionals

Website: http://www.afcom.com/

African and American Women's Association, Inc.

Website: http://www.africanandamericanwomen.org

American Society of Safety Engineers

Website: http://www.asse.org

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Website: http://www.asme.org

Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association

Website: http://www.aema.org

Association for AgriCulture and Ecology (AGRECOL)

Website: http://www.agrecol.de/?q=en

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Website: http://www.auvsi.org

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

Website: http://www.awid.org/

Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business

Website: http://www.imanet.org/

Association of Civil and Environmental Engineers (ACEE)

Website: http://www.acee.theides.org

Association of Computer Engineers and Technicians (ACE - ACET)

Website: http://www.ace-acet.org/

Association of Energy Engineers

Website: http://www.aeecenter.org

Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

Website: http://www.aeesp.org

Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC)

Website: http://www.aesc.org

Association of Laboratory Managers (ALMA)

Website: http://www.labmanagers.org

Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF)

Website: http://www.asdf.org.in/

Association of Transportation Professionals of Indian Origin (ATPIO)

Website: http://www.atpio.org/

ATM Industry Association

Website: http://www.atmia.com

Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Website: http://www.aes.org

Automation Federation (AF)

Website: http://www.automationfederation.org/

Biotechnology Industry Organization

Website: http://www.bio.org/

Chlorine Free Products Association

Website: http://www.chlorinefreeproducts.org

Communications Network for Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (NUCNET)

Website: http://www.nucnet.org/

CompTIA - World IT Association

Website: http://www.comptia.org/

Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA)

Website: http://www.ccianet.org

Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association

Website: http://www.ccsaonline.com

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

Website: http://www.caba.org

Cool Chain Association (CCA)

Website: http://www.coolchain.org

Crop Packaging Association

Website: http://www.croppackaging.com

Cruise Lines International Association

Website: http://www.cruising.org

Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA)

Website: http://www.dcia.info

Drilling Engineering Association (DEA)

Website: http://www.dea-global.org

EDANA - International Association for Nonwovens and Related Industries

Website: http://www.edana.org

Engineered Wood Products Association (EWPA)

Website: http://www.ewpa.com

EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA)

Website: http://www.epspackaging.org/

European and International Booksellers Federation

Website: http://www.eibf-booksellers.org

Fair Labor Association

Website: http://www.fairlabor.org/

Federation of International Business Association (FIBA)

Website: N.A.

Federation of International Trade Associations

Website: http://www.fita.org

Fiber Optic Association

Website: http://www.thefoa.org/

Fibre Channel Industry Association

Website: http://www.fibrechannel.org

Fine Press Book Association

Website: http://www.fpba.com/blog/

Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA)

Website: http://www.fcia.org

Futures Industry Association

Website: http://www.futuresindustry.org

Galvanizers Association

Website: http://www.galvanizersassociation.com/

Global Alliance for Agriculture Equipment Manufacturing Associations

Website: http://www.agrievolution.com

Global Association for Micro- & Nano-Electronics Industries (SEMI)

Website: http://www.semi.org/

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

Website: http://www.gbta.org/

Global Cashew Council (GCC)

Website: N.A.

Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)

Website: http://www.gcca.org/

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