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Associations of Canada Industries

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada - West (ICCC)

Website: http://www.iccbc.com

Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada

Website: http://www.iyengaryogacanada.com

Jamaica Assoication Northern Alberta

Website: http://www.jamaicaassociation.com

Jamaica Foundation of Houston

Website: http://www.jamaicafoundationofhouston.org

Jamaican Association of Manitoba Inc.

Website: N.A.

Jamaican Canadian Association

Website: http://www.jcaontario.org

Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta

Website: http://www.jcaalberta.com

Jamaican Canadian Cultural Association of British Columbia

Website: http://www.jccabc.ca

Jamaican Ottawa Community Association

Website: http://www.jamaicanottawaassn.org

L'Association canadienne des radiologistes: Canadian Association Radiologists (CAR)

Website: http://www.car.ca

Law Society of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.lawsociety.sk.ca

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.ldas.org

Manitoba Music Industry Association (Manitoba Music)

Website: http://www.manitobamusic.com/

Manitoba Print Industry Association

Website: http://www.mpia.ca

Manitoba Shingling Contractors Association

Website: http://www.manitobashingling.ca

Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association

Website: http://www.mwsa.ca

Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan Inc. - MTAS

Website: http://www.saskmassagetherapy.com

Mauritius Ottawa Cultural Association

Website: http://www.mauritiusottawa.org

MEDEC - Canadian Association for Medical Technology Industry

Website: http://www.medec.org

MEF Metro Ethernet Forum

Website: http://www.metroethernetforum.org

Metal Cladding Association of British Columbia

Website: http://www.metalcladdingbc.ca/

Midwives Association of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.saskatchewanmidwives.com

Mineralogical Association of Canada

Website: http://www.mineralogicalassociation.ca

Mining Association of Canada

Website: http://www.mining.ca

Museums Association of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.saskmuseums.org

Music Canada

Website: N.A.

National Association of Japanese Canadians

Website: http://www.najc.ca

National Roofing Alliance (NRA)

Website: http://www.nationalroofingalliance.com

Native Women's Association of Canada

Website: http://www.nwac.ca

Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA)

Website: http://www.nhppa.org/?page_id=4

Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (NOIA)

Website: http://www.noia.ca

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association

Website: http://www.nlca.ca

Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA)

Website: http://www.neia.org

Northeastern Christmas Tree Association (NECTA)

Website: http://www.necta.ns.ca/

Nova Scotia Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry Association

Website: http://www.bionova.ca

Ontario Agri Business Association

Website: http://www.oaba.on.ca

Ontario Environment Industry Association - Home

Website: http://www.oneia.ca

Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA)

Website: http://www.value4money.ca

Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA)

Website: http://www.ontarioroofing.com/

Ontario Printing and Imaging Association (OPIA)

Website: http://www.opia.on.ca

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Website: http://www.ospe.on.ca

Opticians Association of Canada - OAC

Website: http://www.opticians.ca

Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC)

Website: http://www.osac.sk.ca

Ottawa Chapter of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce

Website: http://www.icccott.org

Packaging Association - Toronto (PAC)

Website: http://www.pac.ca

Pakistan-Canada Association

Website: http://www.pakcan.com

Paramedic Association of Canada

Website: http://www.paramedic.ca

PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada

Website: http://www.peianc.com

Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan

Website: http://www.skpharmacists.ca

Philippines Canada Trade Council (PCTC)

Website: http://www.pctcnet.org/

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